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At Magnov Events , we are proud to be your trusted partner in organizing product launch events that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. With experience and creativity, we turn your product launches into unforgettable experiences.

What do Magnov Events Product Presentations provide?

Product launch events are a vital strategy for companies looking to bring new products to market or highlight key features of their existing products. These events are not only opportunities to physically showcase a product, but also serve as platforms to build the brand, connect with the audience, and generate buzz. Here are some key aspects of product launch events:

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is essential. Define the format of the event, select the location, organize the logistics and establish an action plan for promotion before, during and after the event.

Design of Attractive Spaces

The design of the space must be attractive and aligned with the brand identity. From the arrangement of products to the creation of interactive zones, each visual element must contribute to the overall experience

Interactive Experiences

Incorporating interactive elements allows attendees to directly experience the product. Test stations, hands-on demonstrations, and opportunities to ask questions contribute to a more engaging experience

Impactful Presentations

Presentations should be impactful and focused on highlighting the key features of the product. Visual elements, live demonstrations, and compelling narratives help capture your audience's attention.

Product presentation is a strategic tool to introduce and promote new products on the market. Careful planning and effective execution can make all the difference in customer perception of your product and the success of your launch.

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Conference hall

Rental of Spaces

  • Event Halls
  • Convention Centers
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  • Theaters and Auditoriums
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Sports stadiums
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  • Sports events
  • Institutional acts
  • Hybrid and online / virtual conferences
  • Shows
  • Product presentations
  • Webinars for events
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  • Virtual scenarios
  • Audiovisual production
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Event recording
  • Augmented reality
  • Reports
  • Corporate videos
  • Streaming events broadcast
  • Table Mapping Experiences
  • Drone Recording
  • Mapping,
  • 3D,
  • holograms,
  • augmented reality
  • Immersive projection
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  • Accreditations
  • Simultaneous translation booths
  • Certificates
  • Access control
  • Web development for events
  • Graphic design for events
  • Simultaneous translation equipment
Night entertainment


  • Live music
  • Artistic performances
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  • Light and Sound Shows
  • Gastronomic Experiences
  • Games and Activities
  • Fireworks and Pyrotechnics
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  • Magniv App
  • Apps for events
  • Email marketing for events
  • Event marketing
  • Virtual Congresses
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Event access control
  • Virtual Events
  • Virtual Fairs
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Event Marketing

  • Email marketing for events
  • Campaign strategy and design
  • Marketing
  • Mini website development
  • Product design, packaging and POS
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Event Software

  • Event management software
  • Online conference platform
  • Virtual fairs
  • Mobile app for events
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Catering Agency

  • Coffee Service
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  • Cocktail
  • Lunches and dinners
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  • Station
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  • Escape Rooms
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  • Tastings
  • Sports Competitions
  • Withdrawals
  • Personal Development Sessions
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Hostess Agency

  • Hostesses for Fairs and Events
  • Promoter Hostesses
  • Conference Hostesses
  • Hostesses with English
  • Specialized Hostesses
  • Protocol Hostesses
  • Transfer hostesses
  • Entertaining hostesses
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Travel Agency

  • Technological Innovation
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Total Confidence
  • Efficient Travel



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