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At Magnov Event, our commitment to excellence and delivering unforgettable experiences drives the need for a diverse team and specialized departments. The complexity inherent in organizing high-caliber events and the diversity of services we offer require a multidisciplinary approach. Here’s why we value such an extensive team:

Our offering ranges from cutting-edge technology to creativity and detailed logistics. Having specialized departments allows us to ensure that every facet of our events is exceptional.

The integration of innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, streaming and audiovisual experiences, demands a specialized technical team. We want to take technology to the next level to offer unique experiences.

Creating captivating visual environments and realizing the creative vision of each event is made possible by a team dedicated to creativity and high-quality graphic design.

Event logistics, from space layout to setup and teardown, require meticulous attention. A specialized logistics team guarantees smooth execution.

To stand out in the digital age, we maintain a strong social media presence and execute strategic marketing campaigns. A strong marketing and communications team boosts our visibility and attracts the right audience.

Customer service is a fundamental pillar at Magnov Event . Our dedicated team is there to answer questions, resolve concerns, and provide the highest level of personalized service.

With the increasing importance of virtual events, we have a specialized team to offer advanced technological solutions and innovative virtual experiences.

A strong human resources and administration team ensures that our staff is well trained and daily operations run efficiently.

Security at events and compliance with legal requirements are priorities. We have security specialists and corporate lawyers to ensure a safe and legally sound environment.

Financial management is essential for long-term sustainability. A dedicated team handles accounting, cost analysis and budgeting to keep our financial operations in order.

Direction and Management Department

CEO and Founder

Executive Director

Director of operations

General manager


Human resources manager

Corporate Lawyer

Event Production Department

Executive Event Producer

Production coordinator

Technical Producer

Event Logistics Coordinator

Assembly and Disassembly Coordinator

Department of Technical and Audiovisual Equipment

Sound and Video Engineer

Streaming Specialist

Expert in Virtual/Augmented Reality

Video editor

Recording and Editing Technician

Design and Creativity Department

Creative director

Graphic designer

Stage and Virtual Event Designer

Mapping and Projection Specialist

Solutions and Technology Department

Accreditation and Access Control Specialist

Web developer

Expert in Virtual/Augmented Reality

Certification Specialist

Event Technology Security Specialist

Marketing and Communication Department

Marketing director

Email Marketing Specialist

Social Media Coordinator

Public Relations Specialist

Marketing Data Analyst

Department of Virtual Events and Fairs

Virtual Events Specialist

Virtual Fairs Coordinator

Virtual Events Moderator

Software and Event Technology Department

Event Software Developer

Specialist in Online Congress Platforms

Technology Specialist for Hybrid Events

Coordination and Logistics Department

Event Logistics Coordinator

Transportation coordinator

Hostess Services Department

Hostess Coordinator

Marketing Event Hostesses

Protocol Coordinator

VIP hostesses

Costume and Uniform Coordinator

Catering Department

Catering Director

Executive chef

Menu Coordinator


Kitchen staff

Service staff

Team Building Department

Team Building Coordinator

Group Activities Facilitator

Group Dynamics Specialist

Games and Challenges Coordinator

Business Travel Agency Department

Travel Agency Director

Reservations Coordinator

Travel Logistics Specialist

Itinerary Coordinator

Business Travel Consultant

General Services Department

Customer Service Team

Customer Service Coordinator

Reception and Attention Staff

Finance and administration



Financial Analyst

Contract Administrator

HR department

Human resources manager

Personnel Selection Specialist

Training Coordinator

Legal department

Corporate Lawyer

Specialist in Contracts and Contingent Law

Department of Security and Emergencies

Security coordinator

Security Personnel

Emergency Management Specialist




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